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Window Tinting in Kansas City

Safety and Security Window Films in the Kansas City Area

As Kansas City’s premiere window film experts, Kansas City Window Film offers high-quality tint solutions for a variety of applications. Customize your place of business with our decorative options or make sure your home has optimal sun control and security. Whether your window tinting needs are residential or commercial, KC Window Film serves the Kansas City community best.

Residential Window Tinting

Our residential window film provides a better, safer home environment for you and your family while maintaining an attractive exterior appearance. Limit your exposure to harmful UV rays while simultaneously allowing between 40 to 70 percent of natural light. 3M’s Sun Control Window Films give you the benefit of increased in-home comfort and lower energy costs.

To best serve the Kansas City residential community, we use 3M’s Prestige Series for Residential. This multi-layer film protects against 97% of infrared light and is also non-metalized so you can take advantage of the benefits in your home without experiencing any interference with your mobile devices. Plus, the window film we install at your home comes with a 3M comprehensive warranty.

Commercial Window Tinting

Our energy efficient commercial window film can help your business balance its bottom line and give your space a quality, professional image. The film’s UV protectant also increases comfort in the workplace and helps prolong the life of office furnishings.

3M’s Ceramic Series for Commercial installations comes in a natural tone so you can enjoy a clear view, and its scratch-resistant coating keeps your windows looking brand new.


3M’s Sun Control Window Films are installed at your home or place of business by our certified dealer personnel. Since most of the films we use are applied on the inside of your glass, it’s important to protect furniture and flooring while the film is applied.

Before spraying on the film, the window glass is cleaned. Once the solution has been applied to the window glass, we use a professional grade squeegee to remove excess water and trim the edges.

We recommended waiting 30 days for the drying and curing process to take place. Small water bubbles or a hazy appearance may be present during this time but will disappear as the film dries. Depending on which film you have installed and the weather conditions, the drying process typically takes a few days.

It is safe to begin cleaning your windows with normal household cleaning products after 30 days. We recommend using a lint-free cloth or towel, but be sure to avoid using abrasive products that could scratch or damage the film.

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As a 3M™ Certified Dealer Installer, KC Window Film is happy to answer any of your questions regarding films for residential and commercial properties.

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