products_residentialKC Window Film uses maintenance-free
3M products. These products vary in reflectivity (from no reflectivity to high reflectivity), and range in color (from clear to silver). KC Window film only uses superior products that do not turn purple, bubble or fail to seal. KC Window Film offers a window film to suit your various energy and/or security needs.

Windows are an architectural necessity for any home. A scenic view is the want and desire of every homeowner. Yet windows present concrete problems, especially with respect to the sun. High air-conditioning costs, furniture fade, glare, and personal discomfort caused by excessive heat, are just some of these problems. KC Window Film addresses these issues by using window film and tint products that greatly reduce a combination of the sun’s visible light, ultraviolet light, and infrared heat.

The benefits of using KC Window Film include:

• Reduce heating and air-conditioning expenses
• Increase comfort and energy savings
• Decrease fabric and furniture fade
• Reduce glare & reflection
• 97% Infrared Heat Rejection (900-1000 nm)
• 99.9% Ultra Violet (UV) Light Rejection
• No corrosion or interference with cell phone signals
• Comprehensive warranty

KC Window Film options for your home

Ceramic Series Films, bring you the three virtues that are most important: low reflectivity, high clarity and outstanding heat reduction. So you’ll save energy while keeping your interior cool and looking beautiful.
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Classic Series Window Films add high performance along with attractive pricing. Metalized colors include: Amber, Silver, Nickel, and Neutral Colored Films with Affinity Films.
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Prestige Series Window Films use no metal, they are less reflective than Ceramic or Classes Series tints. The Prestige Series films can be combine with Ultra Series blast protection film technology in the Ultra Prestige version. These products are designed to hold broken glass and deter crime.
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Select Series Night Vision Films offer a strong combination of attractive tones, low reflectivity, desirable light transmission and high performance sun control features. The warm, natural hues invite warmth and beauty to any room.
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