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Go Green in Your Office with Solar Control Window Film

When people think of the concept, “Going Green,” in the office, they mostly think of adding a recycle box next to their copiers.

But as sustainability becomes increasingly important, developers, architects, and property managers are choosing innovative solutions for commercial spaces. Many of them are turning to solar control window film.

Solar control window film reduces energy costs, conserves energy, and increases tenant comfort in the workplace.

Why Choose Solar Control Window Film for Your Office?

According to the Department of Energy, buildings account for 40% of the United States’ primary energy consumption. And for commercial properties, windows are responsible for 60% of the heating load.

Treating commercial spaces like offices, hotels, health care, and government buildings with advanced technology window films is a high priority to reduce energy consumption.

Consider these 3 ways window film helps you go green in your office.

1. Window Film Protects Against the Sun

At the sun’s core, temperatures can reach up to 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. Although the sun is 92 million miles away, its UV rays can have a significant impact on commercial buildings.

Solar control window film helps:

  • Reject up to 97% of infrared light.
  • Protect against 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Reduce glare.
  • Maintain the view with low interior and exterior reflectivity.

2. Window Film Reduces Energy Use and Carbon Emissions

Window film rejects the heat of the sun, which reduces energy loss. Window film maintains natural light and uses less electricity which helps reduce light pollution.

Window film reduces energy use and increases window treatment options. For example, to achieve a clean modern look, consider forgoing window treatments like blinds or curtains.

3. Window Film Saves Money

Bottom line: solar control window film saves you money by significantly reducing the amount of heat coming through your windows.

It lowers utility costs by rejecting heat and keeping the office at a more moderate temperature. It’s a win – win situation: your business gets a more comfortable environment, and you get increased energy savings.

Additional benefits include:

  • Reduce heat gain up to 79% in the summer.
  • Save $1 per square foot of film installed.
  • Pays for itself in 3 Years.

Your Kansas City Window Film Experts

At KC Window Film, we’re committed to providing quality, affordable window film for offices throughout Kansas City with our affordable 3M Window Film solutions.

We offer a variety of industry leading products to help offices become a more environmentally friendly workplace.

If you have a commercial project in mind, or are interested in learning more about how we can help you save money and increase tenant comfort, call us today for a free quote.

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