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Security Film In Over 200 U.S. Schools

3M, a global innovation company that manufactures energy-efficient window film, has begun providing Safety and Security Film for school security.

With school safety becoming a growing concern in America, the glass on windows and doors was determined to be a vulnerable entry point to schools. 3M Safety and Security Film can act as a deterrent and provide extra time for first responders.

Security film is more cost effective than replacing windows with laminated glass, while providing additional benefits such as reflectivity. From the outside, a potential assailant can only see their reflection, and no potential targets. But from inside, teachers can see any suspicious activity.

3M safety products offer increased window and door security. The Safety Series holds broken glass together so windows won’t shatter, and the Impact Protection Attachment System bonds the window to the frame, offering the highest level of protection when combined with safety film.

Several hundred schools have already contacted 3M to install additional safety features, and the 3M Safety and Security Film has already been incorporated into over 200 U.S. schools year to date.

KC Window Film has installed the security film in more than 21 different schools within the KC Metro area in 2019 alone.

ABOUT KC WINDOW FILM: KC Window Film is the only 3M Prestige Dealer in Kansas City. They specialize in commercial, residential, and automotive window tinting throughout the Midwest, as well as nationally. From consultation to installation, they dedicate themselves to providing affordable window film solutions to their customers.

Nick Baldi

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