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Making Your Glass Work for You

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Utilizing the Power of Graphic Film

Most office and property managers have seen the dramatic increase in the use of glass in walls and partitions in offices, conference rooms and common areas. While this has created a more open and friendly space for their employees or tenants, in many instances it has also resulted in a lack of privacy.

In order to address this concern without blocking the light with blinds or drapes, the most effective solution has been to apply one of the many high-quality translucent graphic window films that are available. The most common film is one that produces a ‘sandblasted’ look on the glass. While sandblasted can create the desired effect on glass, it has the downside of being permanent and expensive as retrofit as well as being difficult to maintain since fingerprints and other stains can be virtually impossible to remove. What do we recommend instead? Personalized glass through graphic film.

Privacy Through Personalized Glass

The easiest and least expensive option to address privacy concerns is to apply a translucent film on the full glass surface or to the line of sight. Personalized glass allows a large amount of light in without people being able to see in or out. Stripes or other simple film patterns with clear spaces can be used to create a semi-private effect. The amount of clear space in the design is dictated by the amount of privacy needed.

Image Enhancement

Since personalized glass is an ideal medium for creative expression, many companies have incorporated custom designs to enhance their corporate image, communicate a marketing message or create a visual effect. These designs include plain or full-color company logos or simply an attractive custom graphic.

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Ready to transform your home or office with personalized glass? Our graphic films are completely customizable and improve privacy and aesthetics wherever they’re placed. Whether you’re looking for privacy glass or decorative glass, we have the solutions for you.

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