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Energy Efficient Window Film Helps You Save

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Energy efficient window film installation is one of the most effective strategies to prevent energy loss and reduce heat absorption in your home while saving you money. Did you know that evaluating your windows is one of the best places to begin your energy saving journey? You may not realize that glass makes up around 15% of the wall area in a typical home but it is a poor insulator. Energy is wasted as it passes right through your windows, which can cost you more money.

Heating and cooling typically makes up 48% of a home’s energy cost. The goal of installing energy efficient window film is to reflect heat back to its source and reduce heat that is entering your interior spaces. This will not only reduce the amount of heat entering your home, but warm air will remain inside when also switching from cooling to heating. Reducing energy costs is something you can benefit from all year long.

Although window film was introduced more than 30 years ago, the energy efficient window film produced today is engineered using advanced technology to deliver energy savings. This is great news for you as you can maximize your natural light usage at a lower cost while also preventing unwanted heat, glare, and harmful UV rays that often cause damage to valuables in your home. The best part is you can qualify for an important window film federal tax credit.

Tax Credit for Installing Energy Efficient Window Film

Did you know that you can qualify for a federal tax credit through the Inflation Reduction Act just by installing energy efficient window film in your residential home? Check with the US Department of Energy for details pertaining to this tax credit, and learn how you can save even more while recouping some of your investment.

Enhance Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient window film not only saves on monthly energy costs, but it is one of the most affordable ways to enhance your home’s energy efficiency and to protect your valuables. Many people have a desire for natural light in their homes, but they often don’t realize the effect it can have on energy loss. Not only can excessive heat pour through windows and cause temperatures to rise, UV rays can also negatively affect valuables in your home. Carpet, furniture, and even artwork can experience fading over time, which may cause you to replace those valuables sooner than you’d like.

Installing window film costs a fraction of the price of replacing windows altogether but is just as effective in saving you money. Its ability to cause heat reduction by reflecting or absorbing the energy coming through the glass is proven to be highly energy efficient. Depending on the window film of your choice, you can minimize heat gain by as much as 80%, while saving up to 50% on cooling costs in the summer. This helps take the load off your AC unit, allowing it to function at an optimal level. During the winter season, window films reflect heat back to the interior of your home keeping you cozy throughout those colder months. Lower monthly bills, comfortable temperatures, and protecting home valuables sounds like the perfect recipe to increase energy efficiency. Now you just need to decide which energy efficient window film tailors to your needs.

Which Window Film Material is Right for You?

Knowing which window film is right for you is your first step. Different types of window film offer specific features that enable each material to perform uniquely when applied to the glass. There are three types of energy efficient window film products that can help you save energy and money.  

*Neutral Window Film- This material provides 99% UV protection from harmful sun rays while reducing glare. This window film is most commonly used to prevent interior fading and discoloration of furniture and carpet.

*Dual-Reflective Window Film- This film provides excellent glare reduction and balances areas in your home that typically increase energy costs. It also prevents your HVAC system from being overworked.

*Spectrally Selective– This engineered material is the optimal technology to reject solar energy. There are a wide range of specifications to choose from, including the level of heat reduction you desire.

Start Saving On Your Energy Costs Today

Energy efficient window film has many benefits to improve energy efficiency while saving you on monthly energy costs. You can choose from a variety of window film materials to meet your individual needs. Not only will you enhance the energy efficiency of your home, you will prevent unwanted heat, glare, and harmful UV rays from entering your interior spaces and causing damage to valuables.

When you’re ready to experience how energy efficient window film can reduce your energy costs, contact KC Window Film, premier window film experts serving homes in the Kansas City area. Visit us online or call (913)671-1955.

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