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4 Ways to Show Off Your Brand


In today’s world of business, environmental branding is a vital part of visual branding. Custom graphics and window film have significantly evolved over the last few years, allowing for more creative customization for businesses to show off their brand. Your corporate space might be the first introduction to your company or your brand. Here are four ways to show off your brand in your office space in Kansas City and beyond.

Conference Rooms

Do you have spaces separated by glass in your office? What if those areas were enhanced by textured glass or branded content?

Privacy film can stimulate more productive meetings since it minimizes outside distractions. Say goodbye to people constantly walking by with interruptions, and say hello to more engaging discussions!

Customized branded window film can elevate your brand and impress clients who come to meet you at your business.

Decorative film provides a unique palette of colors, patterns, and textures, giving you an easy way to add an element of surprise to your design.

Imagine the possibilities awaiting your conference or meeting rooms! Let’s get started.

Entrance & Lobby

Increase your business foot traffic and brand recognition with custom window graphics on the outside and entrance of your building. Our in-house team can work with you to create custom designs or print any branded images you currently have. We can measure and cut your custom graphics to fit your wall or window, ensuring a precise and professional look. Window film can be quickly and conveniently replaced for seasonal displays, offers, or simply a refresh to your building’s exterior.

You can also enhance the entry point of your building or lobby by displaying your company logo, vision, or mission statement to inspire your team and share your company culture with incoming clients. Using window film or decorative glass can give your lobby a welcoming vibe for your clients and team.

Murals & Floor Graphics

Another way to elevate your building’s interior design and visual branding is with custom graphics for your floors. From entries and lobbies to directional graphics, floor graphics are a great addition to a branded environment without the cost of an interior redesign.

Murals can be used anywhere in your building to break up solid painted walls throughout your facility without the cost of painting the entire interior. Murals are another way to show your brand creativity and give both your clients and employees an enhanced environment.

Partner with KC Window Film to Elevate Your Branded Environment

KC Window Film has a wide range of customizable options, helping you take your brand and interior design to the next level. As a 3M authorized dealer, we have access to all of 3M’s products, giving you the most from your investment. Contact us today to get started on creating your ideal branded office environment.

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