Heat Reduction

The more windows there are in your home or office, the greater the energy savings benefits of installing 3M window tint.

Unlike drapes and blinds, 3M Window Film rejects up to 79% of the heat that would otherwise come through the window. That can translate into a savings of about one ton of air conditioning for every 100 square feet of glass exposed to sunlight.

In addition to keeping solar heat out during the summer months, 3M™ All Season Window Films keep you warmer in the winter months by reflecting manmade heat back into the home. This can reduce heat loss by up to 30% saving money and improving comfort.

Additionally, 3M Window Films block out 98% – 99.9% of UV light, thus protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays and significantly reducing fabric and furniture fade. It also reduces glare to improve your indoor visibility, especially with respect to computer monitors and televisions.

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